Moon Over Maclay Ticket-buyers and Sponsors “Rock” to the Tune of $3,000 in Hurricane Michael Relief

As you are fully aware, October’s Hurricane Michael ravaged both the state parks and the lives of many park employees in its journey through the Florida panhandle. And here locally, Maclay Gardens State Park was heavily damaged with hundreds of trees down in the prized gardens, recreation area and the Lake Overstreet trails.

As a result, the October 21st Moon Over Maclay jazz concert was postponed and rescheduled for November 4. It was only through the relentless efforts of the Park staff and volunteers that the Park was readied for the November event. But, in a fall that was as strange weatherwise as any that I have been through in my 40 years here, the event had to be cancelled for the first time ever on the “make-up date” due to rain.

If that were the end of the story it would not be very uplifting, but the generosity and of our Moon Over Maclay sponsors and ticket-buyers helped to paint a brighter picture for those impacted by Michael.

You see, as a result of those ticket-buyers who allowed the Friends of Maclay Gardens to keep the concert ticket proceeds in lieu of a refund, together with the always strong support of our Moon Over Maclay sponsors shown below, we were able to share over 50% of the net proceeds from the cancelled concert with the Florida State Parks Foundation – the entity that served as the conduit through which assistance was being provided to State Park employees and the parks in their continuing efforts to recover from Hurricane Michael.

Upon receipt of our $3,000 check we received the following immediate response from the FSP Foundation:
I just want to say personally how grateful we are to have received your recent oh-so-generous donation.
Wow, FOMG are friends indeed! Your partnership and support will go far in our state parks!
You’ll receive other well-deserved thanks from our team, but please also pass mine on to your group. Y’all rock!

We, the Board of the Friends of Maclay Gardens to whom this was directed, are not the ones who “rock.” No. That donation was made possible by those described above and listed below.
They made it possible and we, the Board of the Friends of Maclay Gardens and those who are the beneficiaries of your kindness, are very grateful.

One other good thing came out of this as well, for in the midst of the chaos surrounding this year’s Moon Over Maclay,
we – the Board – came to grips with the fact that we cannot rely on there being good weather year in and year out.
We need a contingency plan to allow “the show to go on” and we will have one in place in the years to come.

As always, we hope to see you there, hopefully under clear skies and a full moon!

Gary Griffin, President, Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc., 2018