2018 Moon Over Maclay Ticket Refund Information

To begin, I want to express my thanks to all of you for your support – by many of you for many years! – for Friends of Maclay Gardens events and specifically for Moon Over Maclay. And, I want to express my regret that we had to cancel the event last Sunday for reasons beyond our control.

With Moon Over Maclay being an outdoor concert with both performers and guests being set up outdoors, weather can be a problem. Such was the case on Sunday afternoon as our stage production company was unable to proceed without potential risk to the equipment and the performers' instruments.

In regards to refunds of your ticket purchases

Moon Over Maclay has always been a fundraiser for the Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc. a non-profit “Citizen Support Organization” that strives to help Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park meet its financial and volunteer needs in a world in which both are constantly needed. Until joining the Board of the Friends a few years ago, I never grasped the fact that our staff at the Park is faced with maintaining what is in essence three separate parks! You see, if you are a visitor only to the gardens, you would have little if any knowledge of the recreation area on Lake Hall or the 1,000 acres of cycling/running/hiking/horse trails on Lake Overstreet which extend all the way to Meridian Road.

As a runner, I saw only the Overstreet trails and rarely visited the elaborate and high maintenance gardens or rec area. You get the picture, I hope. The needs are many and your support of our Tour of Gardens and Moon Over Maclay, and as members of the Friends, helps us help the hard-working and dedicated Staff maintain Maclay Gardens State Park for the gem that it is.

Having said that, following the ravaging of the western panhandle by Hurricane Michael (which led to the postponement of the original Moon Over Maclay Date of October 21), the Friends of Maclay was approached by leaders of the Florida State Park system. They asked if we would be willing to use Moon Over Maclay as an instrument to help State Park employees west of Tallahassee who had suffered harm in the storm.

“Absolutely," we said. Many had lost their homes and more. State Parks such as Torreya in Liberty County, Three Rivers and Florida Caverns in Jackson County, St George Island in Franklin County, and St. Joe Peninsula in Gulf County were heavily damaged - as you well know.

Where am I going with all this with regard to refund information?

The Board of the Friends of Maclay Gardens met yesterday and voted to evenly split net proceeds from this year’s Moon Over Maclay with the Florida State Parks Foundation, the non-profit entity which supports the entire Florida State Park system and which is serving as the conduit through which donations for state park-related Hurricane Michael needs can be sent. As I previously expressed several weeks ago following the storm, it had been the intention of the Friends to support this effort with MOM proceeds but there had not been a Board meeting to decide on the extent to which we would do so until yesterday.

Consider Using Your Ticket Purchase to Support Friends of Maclay Gardens and the State Park Foundation

So, we ask you to consider allowing the Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc. to use your ticket purchase monies as spoken of above: 50% of the net proceeds to the State Park Foundation and 50% in our continuing efforts to support Maclay Gardens State Park.

Contact for Refund of Purchase

For those who desire a refund, PRIOR TO NOVEMBER 30, 2018, please send an email to us via the following link: http://friendsofmaclaygardens.org/contact-us/. Again, we truly thank you for your support of our efforts in serving Maclay Gardens - and, for what it is worth, we are making plans for Moon Over Maclay in 2019 that will equip us far better to deal with weather-related issues on the day of the event.

Gary Griffin
President, Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc. 2018

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