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Maclay Gardens State Park Receives Land Donation from Friends Group

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida Department of Environmental Protection's Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park received a donation of one acre of land from the Friends of Maclay Gardens Inc. The parcel of land was originally purchased by the Friends of Maclay Gardens in 2003 and will provide access to the park if the main park road is inaccessible.

“Because of our partnership with the Friends of Maclay Gardens, DEP and Florida State Parks have more opportunities to protect and preserve Florida’s natural resources,” said Eric Draper, director of Florida State Parks. “We appreciate and depend on the dedication and commitment of our partners who help us make public lands enjoyable now and for years to come.”

The donated property creates a buffer for the park, providing functional use to park staff, especially during and after major storms. The property also has been used to handle additional traffic during large events in the park.

“The Friends of Maclay Gardens are fortunate to have been supported by a hard-working and committed board, as well as a close working relationship with the dedicated staff at the park throughout the 25-plus years of our existence,” said Gary Griffin, president of Friends of Maclay Gardens. “This donation is but a small contribution of what we anticipate to come as a result of the passion for the park that has been exhibited by our members, board and staff.”

The park hosts many activities throughout the year, including gardening workshops, children's activities, ranger-led walks and outdoor concerts. The park also offers recreational areas at Lake Hall, where visitors frequently enjoy picnicking, swimming, fishing, canoeing, kayaking and more. Lake Overstreet offers 11 miles of trails through unspoiled woodlands where visitors enjoy hiking, biking or horseback riding.

What it means to be a "Friend" of Maclay Gardens

The Friends of Maclay Gardens, Inc. is a non-profit citizen’s support organization for Maclay Gardens State Park.

The purpose of our organization is to render support and assistance to the management and staff of the Alfred B. Maclay State Gardens in carrying out their responsibilities for managing this unit of the Florida State Park System for the use and benefit of the visiting public, now and in the future.

This includes such activities as providing volunteer manpower for special events as well as for routine maintenance and operations of the park, generating financial support for projects and programs, and helping to promote the best interests of Maclay Gardens through a variety of outreach efforts.

To get involved, to become a "Friend" of Maclay Gardens, or for more information contact us today!

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